April Fool’s Day did not treat Mitt Romney very well this year.

The first incident:

The New York Daily News reports that a prank Forbes article caused quite a stir on Google News Sunday. Mashable says the article got so much attention it rose all the way up to the top of the Google News homepage (courtesy of Gawker.) Realizing their prank was now getting too serious, Forbes took it down, eliminating the problem entirely.

Even if you search their site the link comes up where the article once was. But if you click here, you can see it’s no longer available and is just a broken link.

NEVERFEAR, though, kind voters! It can still be found, copied and pasted in Short Form Blog (with the proper credits, of course) for your enjoyment.

The second incident is even more amusing. You see, Mitt Romney was pranked TWICE today. This second time, though, was by his own staff. See the video above, courtesy of CNN.

That’ll show him… or will it?

Some Twitter users sensed some good old-fashioned political angles in this “friendly” prank.

So was this prank simply genuine, good-spirited campaign fun? Not likely. But amusing? Definitely. 


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